About Us


The Yacht Exchange is the exciting new service from the Catamaran Guru team.
With years of sailing, chartering and sales in the yacht industry under our belts, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience for our community.

The Yacht Exchange is just that. A platform that allows yacht owners in charter management to exchange their owner time charter weeks with other owner’s around the globe. There are no limitations. Any boat, any charter company, anywhere in the world.


Today, Catamaran Guru™ is the number one go-to company for the catamaran enthusiasts that want to charter their yacht. We are completely independent and will give you an honest insight into boat ownership and chartering. We love our community and are always looking for ways to better connect like-minded folks. That is why we created this network for the charter community. Not only does chartering your boat lower the cost of ownership, it can now connect you with other yachts around the world.



After much encouragement from friends, clients and colleagues, Stephen and Estelle took the plunge and created this website. They hoped to tell our story as a way to not only entertain, but also to encourage and educate all the sailing dreamers and planners out there. They have owned six yachts (monohulls and catamarans) during their sailing career and have sailed 70,000+ miles in different parts of the world. Their story starts in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa. With the same feeling of ‘wanderlust’ and a dream of traveling around the world, there was only one thing for them to do…make the dream a reality and go sailing!



25+ years ago in a friend’s backyard in Cape Town, South Africa, they built their first boat and then sailed the world. Discovering new places, meeting extraordinary people, and enjoying unique experiences was fun, not work! They’ve co-owned a catamaran manufacturer, consulted with catamaran manufacturers, managed charter companies, and taught sailing. These experiences and living aboard for 22+ years have taught them important lessons that they happily share with fellow sailors and yacht owners like you.
Both Stephen and Estelle have an in-depth knowledge of the sailing industry and specifically the yacht charter industry, which put them in a unique position where they experienced all aspects of charter ownership. After all, they also chartered our own boat.


They have gained valuable experience from the owners of the charter yachts and learned about their concerns and their requirements of chartering such a valuable asset. Owner exchange in different parts of the world has always been very attractive for boat owners.

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